Friday 15 April 2016


Dance update:
I started off with 9 people and then one of them never showed up to any practices and one of them was having issues with their apartment so I had changed all my formations so it could be done with 7 people

but we had a practice today and another member didn't show up so altogether we had 6 including me

it was like losing prince mak all over again

it was shit

i'm really drunk

Jazz with Alicia is going to be interesting... a lot of beginner dancers but i believe she can whip us into shape... or you know we'll look terrible but who cares, no one else at crossover cares about jazz

Locking with Vincent is going great, we've learnt most of the routines and formations it's just putting it all together and remembering it... which i can't... because I don't practice... sorry Vincent

The Knock by Nasty Nasty cover is coming along great we're filming on sunday and it'll be hot

The A by Rainbow audition has been filmed and now we await judgement

I don't think I'm growing as a dancer I think I'm stuck here. But it's still fun and working with other people still brings me joy.

Who is Alicia: Alicia is one of my Jazz babes from way back when Alicia and Elena used to teach Lyrical and Jazz respectively at Crossover. Elena is another teacher dear to my heart, she runs her own studio in St Peters. I love her a lot. Jaye used to have a crush on her in Uni.

I was supposed to meet up with Alex tomorrow after my JJCC mix practice but he's gotta hang out with his fam. #adultlife #lifeishard

Tel, my husband, is out of hospital and recovering really well. He woke today feeling as close to normal as he has been since he got appendicitis and:

  • hasn't felt any pain today
  • hasn't had to lie down all down
  • hasn't had to take a nap
  • walked into town and back
He updated my mum about all this and she said I hadn't told her much about what he was going through. She apologised for not seeing him while he was in hospital because she'd been working all week. In hospital. But it's a different set of hospitals and she most works with psychiatric and aged patients.

Tomorrow My cousin is hosting a joint party for his son and his nephew which is going from 2pm till midnight. Shit will get cray. I probably won't drink much because I have to film the next day!

I keep meaning to watch the NCT debut and the History comeback but I am so stressed about Upstaged (Crossover Dance Studio's annual showcase) and K-pop Summit (Crossover's bi-annual kpop double event) that I haven't had the time and I've been shitting myself over formations for the JJCC routine

and like fucking hell i made formations for 7 and 8 people and I was up until 2am I hate myself so much my husband had to come out and tell me to go to sleep and i still hadn't finished and i had to do them during lunch. AND THEN 2 PEOPLE DIDN'T SHOW UP

anyway it was still fun. me and maggie did the dab during's solo in fire. maggie twisted her knee during dance class RIP but she's still coming to practice and learning formations I love her. She's also doing a Gfriend Routine so RIP her knees again

MAJOR SUCCESS OF THE DAY. I took all the wires out of the workstation I use at work that connect the computer tower to the keyboard, mouse, monitors, and phone and moved myself to the desk on my left unassisted. Yeaaaaaaaaaaah IT exp level up

anyway time to go gotta drink water to balance out the giant cider i had

xoxo gossip girl

Wednesday 13 April 2016

Reopening this diary

After watching all of Jaye's vlogs I was initially insprired to start vlogging as well. Then I realised I'm terrible in front of the camera and around cameras in general but I did want to keep track of what I was doing at this point in my life.

Who is Jaye? Jaye is the boss at Crossover Dance Studios, one of the dance studios in the city of Sydney. You can check out his vlogs here. I think They're a good geographic representation of where I spend most of my time outside of work and being at home.

I spend a lot of my time dancing either in the Crossover studio, or around the former Entertainment centre and sometimes when there isn't a studio free at one of the neighbouring studios. Recently, after a training session with Vincent I realised that the Powerhouse museum is also not a bad place for practice either.

Vincent is a locking teacher in Sydney. He's taught at a lot of studios, he's very happy and warm, and he is an incredible dancer and teacher. He's inspiring, encouraging and I respect him a lot.

I've decided to make it easier on myself there's a number of topics I'll tend to focus on including the following:

  • dance progress: dance is the one area where I can always learn something and improve something. I guess it's the main motivating force in my life
  • favourite teachers: This will mostly be about the dancers that I learn from, week to week. I guess if I also learn other important life lessons I'll talk about them too. It might be good to try a new teacher every week? I'm not sure
  • pet peeves/airing of grievances: I usually tweet these, but I guess if I can articulate why I'm angry about something I can either fix it quickly or get over it a little faster
  • who i caught up with/saw that day beyond the usual: Life is busy and I have a fairly set routine. I work full time, I take a certain set of dance classes regularly. I'm married so I'll see my husband almost everyday. On the odd occasion where I bump into someone I haven't seen in a while I'll make an effort to mention them
  • xo gossip girl: maybe? could be a bad idea. But I love crossover (aka xo) and I love gossip so it might be fun to combine the two, who knows
  • this week in kpop: kpop is life (currently) so I will probably talk about kpop a fair bit
  • questions about life
  • things that went wrong this week in my life: probably going to be all work related and hence confidential but ANYWAY self explanatory
  • popularity contests: inherently we are all creatures that worry a lot about how much other people like us. In the past, if you didn't fit into your tribe you'd probably die. These days you can survive even if people don't really like you, but it's still fun to have pissing contests
  • world tragedy: sometimes shit happens on a world wide scale and you can't help but think about it
  • daily happiness: I want to collect little moments everyday that made me happy, but i don't think i'll post them each time it happens. I'll probably tweet these as well and collate the best ones at the end of the week
Why restart blogging instead of vlogging? A number of reasons. I've always been slightly more practiced at expressing my words through text rather than through speech. I'm hoping to one day transition but to start with I thought it would be easier to just start doing something I already knew how to do.

Until next time! It's 2am. What am I doing with my life.

Saturday 25 May 2013


new blog. new times. yeah.

Thursday 19 April 2012


I know the AYCC social has been planned for at least 2 weeks now, but I am ready and willing to ditch it to attend dance rehearsal to learn formations for the routine.

Because when it comes down to it I prefer dance over environmentalism.

I realised lately that one of the few times where I'm not thinking about killing myself or other people is when I'm dancing.

Wednesday 18 April 2012

I don't love my job anymore

Working used to mean earning a lot of money. But I'm not given any paper work to do, and most of the time I spend working is spent yelling at kids. What I enjoyed about my job was probably marking papers and checking grammar and all that. The actual face to face explanation of content and classroom management (although I'm paid more for it) is much less enjoyable.

Basically, I think I need to find a job where I didn't constantly wish I could defenestrate children (or myself).

Monday 16 April 2012


I feel like being part of this group isn't worth it anymore. With only 2 other people in the group regularly turning up to meetings, and one of those people soon withdrawing, it doesn't seem like we can achieve much at all. Even though the person that is leaving is someone I don't particularly like, and is being replaced with someone I like much better, I'm currently feeling dread and reluctance to go to the event planned for today as it will just be me and the current convenor (who will be leaving).

Basically... I want to quit AYCC...

Wednesday 17 August 2011

40 hour famine

I am undertaking the 40 hour famine this year. Instead of giving up food, I will give up using the computer for 40 hours. This means no google, no hourly Bureau of Meteorology checks, no twitter, no email, no youtube, no blogspot, no NationStates, no Facebook and most importantly NO TUMBLR.

Considering I use the computer to study, play, relax and in general entertain myself this is going to be a very different weekend (starting friday 8pm, finishing 12pm Sunday). I’ll have to actually call the transport info line to figure out where and when I’m going somewhere. I’ll have to read the newspaper to figure out what the weather’s like the next day. I’ll actually have to talk to people for a change!

What I am asking for is a small donation. Any amount will help. $40 Australian dollars can feed a family of five for a month!

Bonus pledges:

If $125 has been raised by the 23rd of September I will give up listening to music from Glee for a month.

If $250 has been raised by the 23rd of September I will give up drinking alcohol for a year.

Please donate at The money is going to World Vision, who help to provide aid to some of the poorest countries in the world. Even the smallest amount will add up.

~ Ness